Tuesday 23 August 2022

UK launches investigation to quash methane emissions

UK launches investigation to quash methane emissions

The UK government is calling on the farming industry and scientists to provide ways to cut methane emissions from livestock.

Cows and sheep are the top generator of greenhouse gases (GHG) on farms – and the government is now investigating the best ways to change livestock diets to cut emissions.

Feeds that have methane inhibiting properties are being discussed throughout the industry – and include ingredients such as seaweed and probiotics to help with the animals’ digestion and overall health.

Sustainable protein production is the key area of focus from the government, with farmers and agricultural businesses up and down the UK being asked to trial these new feeds.

Agriculture accounted for 10% of all the UK’s GHG emissions in 2019, with methane representing more than half of all agricultural emissions.

Farming Minister, Victoria Prentis, said: “Well managed livestock can provide various environmental benefits and meat and dairy can both be an important part of a balanced diet.

“Through this call for evidence we’ll better understand the promising role emerging feed additive technologies for cattle could play and how government can help drive its development.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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