Parts of UK move into ‘drought status’

This is following the incessant hot temperatures the country has experienced this summer

Big Zero Report 2023

The Environment Agency has formed the National Drought Group (NDG), as various parts of the UK fall under ‘drought status’ following the unrelenting heatwave.

This group is chaired by the Environment Agency but involves members of government including the UK’s Water Minister, as well as water companies and representative groups.

The aim is to address concerns on the driest summer in Britain for 50 years; discussing the key ways to limit loss of water and conserve supply.

Devon and Cornwall, the Solent, Kent, London, Sussex, East Anglia and the East Midlands were all said to be currently suffering from drought.

Drought status depends on a location’s proximity to rivers and rainfall, as well as the impact the hot weather has on water supply for the public and industry.

Areas that are now in this status will receive more focus from the Environment Agency and water companies to protect supply.

The NDG is urging businesses and members of the public to be wary of their water use and not overuse during this time.

Harvey Bradshaw, Chair of the NDG, said: “The current high temperatures we are experiencing have exacerbated pressures on wildlife and our water environment.

“This meeting has helped to build on our coordinated action to manage water supplies, consider water users and protect the environment. We urge everyone to manage the amount of water they are using in this exceptionally dry period.”

Water Minister, Steve Double, added: “All water companies have reassured us that essential supplies are still safe and we have made it clear it is their duty to maintain those supplies.”

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