Guide: How to start selling your electricity

Do you generate your own renewable electricity? Or are you planning to install renewable power generators to meet your environmental ambitions?

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However, the pathway from installing assets to selling power is not always clear. Drax’s guide to generating renewable electricity aims to simplify the process and help you get from installation to payment.

Drax work with more than 2,100 organisations of all kinds to sell their power to the grid.

They know the challenges organisations face in getting from installation through to receiving their first payment.

Their latest guide is designed for sites generating 30 kilowatts or more, providing a step-by-step handbook to take your operations from installation to generation.

To get you started on your journey, the guide outlines what you need to do and who you need to contact to make your contribution to a renewable UK and receive payments for your power.

Read Drax’s Guide to selling electricity

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