Your business guide to pursuing net zero

Accelerate a sustainable energy pathway for your business

Big Zero Report 2023

Every organisation faces the same dilemma. You must manage your commitment to decarbonisation in the context of the resources available and the need to ensure operational continuity.

But, while the energy transition will inevitably carry costs, financial and sustainability success are not incompatible; there are plenty of ‘sweet spots’ where these ambitions not only co-exist, but actively feed into one another.

Those sweet spots are the ideal place to begin or accelerate your net zero journey, reducing your organisation’s carbon emissions at the same time as lowering costs and securing new competitive advantage.

In our new practical guide, we explore the steps that sustainability leaders are taking to reduce carbon emissions and manage energy costs, against a backdrop of unprecedented volatility. Hear their experiences, and build your own flexible pathway to resilience, competitiveness and sustainability.


Hear from our global sustainability leaders

Decarbonisation is an imperative. It will require investment. It will require resource. But it can deliver wide-ranging commercial benefits, too. It can also help you to leave a valuable legacy for the future.

Hear what sustainability leaders are doing to successfully drive the net zero agenda within their organisation; and learn what other organisations need to do to catch up:

By collaborating with expert partners, organisations can chart a flexible pathway that will take them at the right pace and via the necessary waypoints for their business. In this guide, we set out what that pathway could look like, and the practical steps you now need to consider taking:

Build your energy pathway

As one of the UK’s leading energy suppliers, we’re committed to helping businesses move closer to a net zero future. Read our practical guide to learn how you can take action now, to pursue net zero, better manage your energy costs, and bounce back from volatility.




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