Friday 1 July 2022

NatWest announces online carbon planner for businesses

NatWest announces online carbon planner for businesses

NatWest has launched a free digital carbon planner to help British businesses track their carbon emissions and understand their environmental impact.

Managing fuel and becoming more energy efficient are at the forefront of the instructions – as companies look to cope with rising operational costs.

The bank stated that in its new research it found that more than 70% of UK businesses expect to see inflation from energy prices and materials lead to financial difficulty.

The carbon planner has been launched to tackle this, cutting carbon and costs simultaneously. Its study also revealed that by 2030, it will make financial sense for 70% of businesses to reduce emissions – and it is urging them to get ahead of the trend now.

By 2025, the bank has committed to loaning £100 billion to businesses looking to take sustainable and climate-friendly action.

Solange Chamberlain, Chief Operating Officer, NatWest Group, said: “As a bank, we can help businesses invest to save by switching from volatile commodities to renewable sources with predictable prices and support businesses in taking actions to measure, evaluate and act to reduce their climate impact.

“Every business should consider if cutting carbon could cut costs and it’s important that we support the business community explore their options through access to finance to invest in cost reducing measures like energy efficiency.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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