Net Hero Podcast – the true environmental cost of batteries

This week Prof Thomas Maschmeyer the boss of battery tech firm Gelion, talks the good, bad and ugly of battery tech

Big Zero Report 2023

Charge up, plug in, discharge, recycle – we already know all these phrases and they will become the language of the future when it comes to energy and transport.

Batteries are the future in a big way.

We have covered them many a time on this podcast, simply because they are the key to our net zero transition but how clean and green can they really be and how do we ensure we keep the environmental cost of batteries as low as possible?

That was the subject of my chat with the boss of Gelion a tech company with a difference, set up by Chemisty Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, it claims to produce batteries that are cleaner, greener and last longer.

We explore all the issues around battery science and ask if they really are cleaner for the planet, or are we simply swapping digging up our world for black stuff to silver stuff?

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