New £4m funding accelerating 5G rollout

The technology is considered an essential part of the vision for ‘smart’ cities

Big Zero Report 2023

5G technology is set to be boosted by streetlights, bus stops and traffic lights.

That’s due to £4 million funding being shared between eight different projects to accelerate 4G and 5G deployment.

Provided through the Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA), the funding will go towards the installation of ‘cell sites’, where road infrastructure can be used to ensure seamless 5G coverage across the country.

Offering a download speed 100 times faster than 4G, 5G is considered the future in the online world and a key element in the transition to ‘smart’ cities. Autonomous electric vehicles (EVs), remote healthcare and other electric technologies will become heavily reliant on the network.

The government is also piloting a scheme that allows local authorities to share the data needed by mobile companies to speed-up their rollout plans more easily.

Julia Lopez, Digital Infrastructure Minister, said: “Currently, mobile companies are finding it difficult to get the data they need to check that a lamppost, bus shelter or public building is suitable for hosting their kit.

“These eight pilots will help solve this by modernising the way local authorities and operators work together in a way that ultimately delivers faster, more reliable mobile coverage for millions of people.”

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