‘COP allows us to look wider into learning’

Aimee Doole says the climate summit gave her business the chance to learn and do more

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“We have to continue to grow as a business and show that we’re aligning with big things that happen in the world – the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for example – this is legislation and a blueprint that businesses are going to have to try and understand. We can’t ignore that as a business.”

That’s one of the reasons Aimee Doole, part of the Marketing & Communications Department at Booth Welsh, gave for her business being involved with COP26 and looking to help other businesses be better environmentally.

“Coming to these events allows us to look wider into learning. It’s really about coming here, taking time out, strategising and green growth – who we’re working with, who we’re collaborating with, who we’re partnering with – and that’s becoming a future way of operating for us.”

Watch our latest ‘Conversation from COP’ to learn more about what steps Booth Welsh have taken to cut their carbon footprint and the imprint the climate summit had on them as a business.