Thursday 6 January 2022

Samsung CEO sets new sustainable targets

Samsung CEO sets new sustainable targets

Samsung CEO Jong-Hee Han has announced the company’s ‘Together for Tomorrow’ campaign, aiming to drive more sustainability as a business and fight climate change with its technology.

The company is looking to put sustainability at the heart of everything it does, from manufacturing, packaging and the disposal of products.

“These developments will make sustainability part of your product experience, enabling you to live a more sustainable life,” he stated.

Its work thus far has been verified by the Carbon Trust, with its memory chips reportedly leading to a reduction in carbon emissions last year of 700,000 tonnes.

The Korean electronics giant is now looking to build on this progress, using 30 times more recycled plastics this year than it did in 2021 and eventually using recycled materials for all its mobile and home appliances in the next three years.

An additional innovation that Han revealed was Samsung’s new remote powered entirely through solar energy, cutting out battery waste entirely.

By 2025, the company has also set an aim for all its TVs and phone chargers to use zero standby power, so they consumer close to no energy when not being used.

Han stated the next step in making these targets a success is to have more collaborations: “We cannot achieve our goals alone. We believe open innovation and collaboration are keys to fighting climate change and protecting our environment. We will continue to explore new partnerships and collaborations, aiming to address the challenges facing our planet.”

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Bruna Pinhoni

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