Denmark to have domestic flights fossil-free by 2030

The Danish Prime Minister set the ambitious aim during her New Year’s address

Big Zero Report 2023

The Danish government has set a new goal to have all domestic flights fossil fuel-free by 2030.

The Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen made clear in her New Year speech she wants the Scandinavian country to “take the lead and raise the bar even more” when it comes to environmental action.

She accepted that currently the plans are not in place for this target to be achieved but stressed that the country will work hard to ensure more hydrogen-fuelled planes hit Danish airspace by the end of the decade.

The new ambition is coupled with the country’s desire to cut carbon emissions by 70% by 2030, compared with 1990 levels.

Its neighbour Sweden has also set a target for domestic flights to be fossil fuel-free by this date.

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