Net Hero at COP26 – Day 6 – Scottish voices

The final episode from COP26 and I speak to some of the business people of Scotland working on delivering net zero

Big Zero Report 2023

So it ends. My COP26 journey is over as we head back.

In this final episode in the shadow of the Falkirk Wheel, a feat of engineering to lift canal boats. You’ll hear from Richard Millar from Scottish Canals at the start and we will talk more about the wheel soon.

I was there to meet some of the people of Scotland, small businesses owners and youngsters who want business to listen to them. It’s a great chat and some short reflections on my time up here. Do listen especially to the words of young Anna Bell who tells it straight!

My thanks to her and all the people who have spoken to us over the past ten days. The team and I will be back in London and bringing you lots more interviews, stories and films from our time in Glasgow.

So keep watching and remember to get in touch and subscribe.


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