CEMEX and Carbon Clean team up for German carbon capture venture

The plant will begin by capturing 100 tonnes of carbon each day, with hope that this will increase to 300 tonnes in the coming years

Big Zero Report 2023

CEMEX and Carbon Clean have joined forces to work on a carbon capture project in Germany.

The Rüdersdorf plant is set to capture 100 tonnes of carbon each day and combine this with renewable hydrogen to produce greener hydrocarbons for industry.

The companies have then set a more ambitious long-term goal to have the plant capture and process 300 tonnes of carbon each day.

The project is currently awaiting funding and expected to be operational by 2026.

Sergio Menendez, President of CEMEX, said: “This project with Carbon Clean is the latest development in CEMEX’s plan to achieve carbon-neutrality at the Rüdersdorf cement plant by 2030, through our pioneering carbon-neutral alliance with expert industrial consortiums.

“Carbon capture will play a fundamental role in the efforts to succeed at this goal and ensure our operations are more sustainable.”

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