Monday 25 October 2021

‘Really thrilling, exciting, 100% electric car racing – powered by renewable energy’

‘Really thrilling, exciting, 100% electric car racing – powered by renewable energy’

Climate change is affecting all aspects of our lives and therefore it will take all aspects of what we do to mitigate it – but this is not only from a business or personal standpoint; it is also in what we enjoy.

Sport is a huge part of many of our lives but what can it do to lead the way in becoming more sustainable?

I spoke with Julia Pallé, Sustainability Director at Formula E, on what makes the sport different to what we’ve been used to seeing throughout the last few decades and how it has a positive impact on the environment.

She explained it’s the first sport where the driving factor was not just entertainment: “Formula E was created with a purpose. It’s one of the first real purpose-driven sports in the world. That purpose was to advance electrification of the cars in our streets.

“We used the excuse, and it’s a great excuse, of the sport and the championship to really push [forward] the technology of electric vehicles (EVs).”

Ms Pallé revealed what Formula E had done and is doing to slash its carbon footprint and hopes that other sports and entertainment industries can start to take a step in that direction.

“What we’re trying to do is first of all showcase that this is possible and secondly that it makes a lot of business sense. Formula E is not a non-profit – we realise that one of the main reasons our teams and partners are coming to Formula E is because they find our platform extremely interesting to showcase their own innovation, leadership and action in their fields.

“To show they’re also putting forward their innovation, knowledge and know-how, in fighting climate change and trying to generate a positive impact. The bottom line is all sports can take action, no one should be ashamed to make a start.”

“We are all fighting against the same enemy. It’s not like a sports competition against another sports competition, it’s sports all together against climate change.”

Watch the full interview to learn more.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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