Heinz unveils paperboard sleeve for multipack canned products

It has partnered with WestRock to eliminate 550 tonnes of plastic from store shelves in the UK

Net Hero Podcast

Heinz has announced it is replacing shrink-wrapped multipacks of its beans, soups and pasta varieties with paperboard sleeves in the UK.

It has partnered with Westrock for the eco-friendly paperboard sleeve, which is recyclable and comes from sustainably-managed forests and is claimed to have a nearly 20% lower carbon footprint compared with an equivalent design.

The wrap design uses no glue and 50% less material than a fully-enclosed wraparound box and 10% less than a traditional paperboard sleeve design.

The initiative is part of Heinz’s £25 million investment in sustainable packaging solutions, with the latest rollout across all UK supermarkets helping remove 550 tonnes of plastic.

It also supports the company’s ambition to ensure 100% of its packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

Jojo de Noronha, Kraft Heinz Northern Europe President said: “It is clear that convenience is important to shoppers – research has found that 59% of UK shoppers say that if a package is easy to carry or transport, it is impactful to their overall satisfaction with the product. And sustainable packaging has a significant impact too, with 71% of UK shoppers agreeing that they are more satisfied with a product if it is easily recycled or composted. Grounded in shopper insight, we feel this new recyclable and easy-to-carry paperboard sleeve ticks both of those boxes and is the perfect eco-friendly solution for our multipacks.

“Our packaging innovation team continues to work hard to develop further sustainable solutions across our business as we make a £25 million investment over three years to implement the infrastructure needed to ensure this rollout is a success, which will be a win for the environment as well as shoppers across the UK.”