Primark to make all clothes with recycled materials by 2030

It has also committed to halving its carbon emissions and removing single-use plastics from its operations

Big Zero Report 2023

Primark has set a new target to halve its carbon emissions across its value chain and ensure all its clothing is made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials by 2030.

It will also look to alter its design process to ensure the clothes it produces are more sustainable and has joined forces with the charity WRAP to do so while adhering to industry guidelines.

The retail company has also committed to eliminating single-use plastics in its own operations.

Paul Merchant, CEO, said: “This is a new and exciting chapter in the Primark story. Our ambition is to offer customers the affordable prices they know and love us for, but with products that are made in a way that is better for the planet and the people who make them.

“We know that’s what our customers and our colleagues, want and expect from us.”

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