Tuesday 7 September 2021

Energy is reinventing itself; Total is becoming TotalEnergies

Energy is reinventing itself; Total is becoming TotalEnergies

Total Gas & Power is changing its name to TotalEnergies to reflect the company's move towards the diverse energy mix required for the future. What does it mean for customers and its actual business model?

I spoke with Mark Rose, Director of Sales and Marketing who explained how the energy giant hopes to serve its existing customers with an ever-increasing range of new offerings, as well as growing its gas and power customer base to 12 million across Europe by 2030.

Talking about why the business had decided to change its name, he said: "There's a large transition going on in the energy world and our company is at the forefront. Our vision is to continue to provide society with the energy it needs but with ever decreasing levels of carbon emissions. We changed our name to TotalEnergies to reflect this; both our commitment to providing energy but also doing so in a way that brings an eventual end to the emission of greenhouse gases.

"I think that we are increasingly recognised by both our stakeholders and customers as a company that ‘gets it’ when it comes to climate change. We know that we need to provide solutions that are reliable and affordable, and we are also leading the investment and innovation that will allow newer technologies to come through. Our rebrand has been a good moment for those of us in the company to realise both that we’ve already changed a lot, but also that there is much more to come in the future.”

At a UK level, the company has also made some changes in its organisation. Mark’s role has broadened to cover all B2B sales channels and marketing. “We felt there would be a real advantage for our customers if we were to bring all our marketing and sales channels together into one broad team. By bringing together colleagues from across the business we can also learn from each other’s best practices and improve customers’ experience, irrespective of their size or whether they use a broker or come to us directly. I’m looking forward to seeing the benefits these changes are going to bring and I’m delighted to have been given responsibility for leading this new team.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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