Friday 3 September 2021

Carbon-neutral coke?

Carbon-neutral coke?

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) has announced two of its manufacturing sites are now certified as carbon-neutral.

The sites at Jordbro in Sweden and Vilas del Turbón in Spain are part of a pilot programme that is targeting for at least six CCEP sites to achieve carbon-neutral status by the end of 2023.

The programme supports CCEP's emission reduction target that initially focuses on reducing its own value chain emissions before investing in verified carbon offset projects.

Both sites already use 100% renewable electricity and have made a number of changes onsite to reduce their emissions.

The Jordbro site, which produces more than 350 million litres of beverages every year, has reduced its total emissions to 1,274 tonnes of carbon equivalent – a reduction of 68% per litre of product produced there – over the last five years.

Measures include using LED lighting, all electric forklift trucks on site and using CO2 – which is used as an ingredient in the carbonated drinks - from a carbon-neutral source, a by-product of bioethanol production.

The Vilas del Turbón site has reduced its total emissions to 87 tonnes of carbon equivalent – a reduction of 36% per litre of product produced – over the last five years by installing energy efficient LED lighting and adding frequency convertors to its water pumps to improve the efficiency of its water extraction.

CCEP is also installing a biomass boiler later this year that uses sustainably-sourced wood pellets in place of fossil fuels.

As part of the PAS 2060 certification, the sites have committed to a further carbon reduction plan for the next three years.

José Antonio Echeverría, Chief Customer Service and Supply Chain Officer CCEP said: “Driving effective long term change in our environmental impact is a key priority for us, which is why we have committed to reducing emissions as far as we can before offsetting.

“We’re delighted to recognise this significant milestone for CCEP and the teams who are helping us to accelerate our progress in reducing our emissions across our supply chain. This is a very important moment and a great example of how our investment and commitment to innovation is helping to bring us closer to our net zero ambition.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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