Vegetable oil train hits the tracks to clean up hybrid car supply chain

Hybrid Toyota cars built in the UK are being transported to Europe using a train powered by vegetable oil

Net Hero Podcast

Hybrid cars made in the Midlands are set to be transported into Europe on a train powered by vegetable oil.

The DB Cargo locomotive is powered by hydro-treated vegetable oil, with the firm claiming the fuel can slash carbon emissions by 90% compared with diesel.

The Rail Minister Chris Heaton-Harris will unveil the train at the DB Cargo depot before it embarks on a journey to France and the Czech Republic to deliver the Toyotas.

Mr Heaton-Harris commented: “We are boosting British business while cutting carbon. This is what building back greener is all about.

“Trains are one of the most eco-friendly ways to transport goods and through ingenuity and innovation, DB Cargo are leading the way in making it even greener.”

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