Gemserv Summary Briefing: CCC 2021 Progress Report to Parliament on Reducing Emissions

The UK Government showed great leadership when it announced its target to reach net zero emissions by 2050

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However, setting a target is only the first step and this ambition must be delivered upon. A pattern is emerging where Government strategies are published later than planned and, when published, fall short of the level of ambition required to meet net zero. They must act to reverse this pattern and deliver upon its targets through setting out a strong policy framework to support the route to net zero. COP26, which the UK is hosting later this year, provides a platform for change and this opportunity should not be missed.

The journey to Net Zero is far from half done and progress so far has been dominated by activity across the power sector. Action is required across all areas of the economy to deliver Net Zero and the next decade is critical for climate action. Without more stringent action, 1.5 °C warming will be exceeded in the early 2030s, with the Climate Change Committee (CCC) noting that “the challenge has shifted decisively from target-setting to delivery.”

The CCC’s report outlines seven indispensable elements to the transition. These are areas where it is absolutely crucial good progress is made. These include support for the role out of EVs, a comprehensive policy package for buildings decarbonisation, greater policy support for manufacturing decarbonisation and the delivery of a Hydrogen Strategy.

Gemserv Briefing document

Having read the CCC 2021 Progress Report, Gemserv have produced a briefing document detailing these areas in further. To access this document please click below.

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