Tuesday 25 May 2021

Utility Team partners with Centrica to deliver Energy Insights solution

Utility Team partners with Centrica to deliver Energy Insights solution

Today, Utility Team officially announce their partnership with Centrica Business Solutions to deliver an Energy Insights solution that helps businesses optimise their energy consumption and drive down carbon emissions. Utility Team's Energy Insights provides greater energy consumption monitoring and intelligence-driven energy efficiency solutions for organisations across many sectors. These solutions will be powered by Centrica Business Solutions' market-leading Panoramic Power™ technology.

How does the Energy Insights solution work?

Utility Team's new Energy Insights solution will be using real-time energy data from the Panoramic Power™ sub-metering solution. Panoramic Power™ hardware is a non-invasive wireless solution that is quick to deploy and cost-effective. Once installed, it delivers a wide range of granular energy data across the entire site, right down to individual device level.

Through the intelligent mapping of a site and the strategic deployment of this solution, Utility Team can build a deep understanding of an organisation’s energy consumption profile. The deep level intelligence provided by Panoramic Power™ is then analysed to create customised energy efficiency programmes for organisations. These programmes will demonstrate how energy consumption can be reduced and provide an energy baseline for energy efficiency projects that deliver a significant return on investment.

Why did Utility Team partner with Centrica Business Solutions?

Utility Team is committed to helping organisations reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions. We are also uniquely positioned to help realise the benefits of achieving cost reductions by adopting a net zero strategy. The basis of any successful energy efficiency strategy is intelligence, which is why the partnership was such an obvious one. Panoramic Power™ is cost-effective, delivers high-quality data supported by a very clever user interface (PowerRadar™) and, because it’s a non-intrusive install, is far more flexible than traditional sub-metering solutions.

Utility Team Head of Energy Service Chris Toze states, "Energy efficiency and carbon reduction are fundamental to our customer's long term sustainability plans. We knew that by combining our energy efficiency expertise with the Panoramic Power™ solution, we would be able to provide our customers with an invaluable Energy Insights solution."

The solution will deliver results across multiple sectors.

The new Energy Insights solution will provide organisations with actionable data that can be used to implement solutions that will reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. The intelligence delivered by the sub-metering and the subsequent energy insights will significantly benefit a range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, sports stadia and leisure facilities, higher education, logistics, and facilities management. As more and more organisations look to become net zero, Utility Team's Energy Insights solution will become a vital tool in identifying and implementing energy efficiency projects.

Energy Insights will deliver commercial and environmental benefits.

The new Energy Insights solution will deliver multiple benefits to organisations, starting with a comprehensive understanding of their energy consumption across their estate. The insights and energy efficiency projects identified will help reduce energy expenditure and the environmental impact of the organisation. There are also several additional benefits, including reducing the risk of device or equipment failure and the ability to forward plan the replacement and maintenance of systems and machinery.

Utility Team CEO Delvin Lane said, "The addition of Centrica Business Solutions’ Panoramic Power™ solution to our Energy Insights solution and our wider Energy Services offering is fantastic news. Comprehensive energy intelligence is vital for us to tailor energy efficiency solutions for our customers that deliver positive commercial and environmental results. Our partnership with Centrica Business Solutions not only improves our ability to access energy data to drive down costs but strengthens our ability to help our customers on their net zero journeys."

To find out more about Energy Insights and how Panoramic Power™ can help drive down energy consumption, please visit https://www.utilityteam.co.uk/panoramic-power, email enquiries@utilityteam.co.uk or call Chris Toze on 07976 878610.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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