Businesses join initiative to help UK crypto clean up its act

Argo Blockchain and DMG Blockchain Solutions have joined the Crypto Climate Accord

Net Hero Podcast

Argo Blockchain, a UK-based cryptocurrency mining company, and technology company DMG Blockchain Solutions have joined an initiative to decarbonise the industry.

The companies have joined the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA), a private sector-led initiative committed to powering the cryptocurrency industry with 100% renewable energy.

Peter Wall, Chief Executive Officer of Argo Blockchain said: “The CCA helps lay the groundwork for real, tangible action to address Bitcoin mining’s impact on the environment and we are both eager and determined to ensure that supporters and signatories remain committed to the group’s goals.”

Just a few days ago, Elon Musk announced Tesla will stop accepting Bitcoin as payment because of the environmental impacts of cryptocurrency mining.

A new report suggests by 2024, Chinese bitcoin mining could generate a carbon output that could exceed the total annual greenhouse gas emissions of the Czech Republic and Qatar.

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