Friday 19 March 2021

60,000 customers on green electricity – straight from SSE’s UK wind farms

60,000 customers on green electricity – straight from SSE’s UK wind farms

I’d like to thank all our 60,000 customers who’ve switched to our 100% renewable electricity straight from our UK wind farms.

You’ve made it possible for us to supply over 16TWh of green electricity,1 which has resulted in 6 million tonnes less carbon in the atmosphere compared to the equivalent power generated by fossil fuels. That’s starting to make a real difference for our future of clean energy in the UK.

If you’ve now received your SSE Green Electricity certificate, I hope it will be proudly displayed so that your customers and your teams know that your company is doing its part in helping us move to a net zero future.

Three reasons why SSE Green Electricity is different

1. Genuine green energy from our UK wind and hydro projects

All our renewable electricity comes from wind and hydro assets wholly or partly owned by SSE Renewables, our sister company in the SSE Group. So you can be sure it’s genuinely renewable from a UK-based source. And with independent verification by EcoAct, an Atos company, it’s easy to report zero carbon emissions for electricity. When you sign up for SSE Green Electricity, you’ll receive a certificate to prove your energy is 100% UK-based renewable.

2. Invest in the UK’s future renewables

By purchasing SSE Green Electricity you’re also supporting the build-out of future renewable generation. SSE is a major investor in UK green energy, planning to treble its renewable power output to 30TWh by 2030. That makes us different from many suppliers who source their power from existing renewable generators.

And it may cost less than you think. You can be part of making net zero happen for as little as £6 extra a year.2

3. Trace your electricity to a UK wind farm

You can even pinpoint the source of your renewable electricity: by choosing SSE Green REGO+, you can trace your power to a specific generation asset to further boost your sustainability credentials. We’ll include the named wind farm on your SSE Green REGO+ certificate. With SSE Green REGO+, you’ll not only show your business is serious about sustainability. You’ll be investing in the next generation of UK renewables – clean energy for us and our children’s generation.

Not all green energy is equal

Plenty of energy suppliers offer “green energy”, but the truth is not all “green” is the same.

Currently, as renewable energy certificates (REGOs)3 can be sold separately from the green energy they relate to, it allows some suppliers to purchase any electricity on the UK or European wholesale market and sell it as “green” by matching it to the right quantity of REGOs. This is known as “greenwashing”.

At SSE Business Energy, we don’t greenwash our renewable electricity or buy it on the wholesale energy market. We source all our green electricity from SSE Renewables: each unit through your meter is backed by certificates from our own wind and hydro assets. And right now there’s nobody in the world building more offshore wind businesses than we are.

For the next generation

To play your part for net zero, sign up for SSE Green Electricity for your business. At around £6 extra a year,2 it’s a small price to pay for your business and the planet.

You’ll reduce your carbon footprint, show you’re committed to sustainability and support new renewable projects in the UK – for our generation and the next.

The climate emergency is a global issue, and at SSE we want to drive positive change. That’s why we’re proud to be a Principal Partner for the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, and to be investing all we can back into developing green energy infrastructure – around £7.5bn pledged up to 2025, to support businesses of all sizes.

Next steps to net zero

A pivotal part of driving change is delivering on our promises. At SSE Business Energy, my team and I are committed to helping UK businesses “build back greener” after Covid-19. Our plan is to help decarbonise Britain one business at a time, because we believe investing in low-carbon solutions is a win-win for your business and the planet.

I think SSE Green Electricity is a great place to start. Your decision today will make a big difference for a better world of energy tomorrow.

1 Over 60,000 meter points signed up and 16TWh of renewable electricity supplied between April 2016 and April 2021.
2 Compared with a standard unit price based on a small business using an average of 6,000kWh of SSE Green Electricity a year at a rate of 0.1p/kWh: 6,000 x 0.1p = £6 per year.
3 Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) show that the electricity has been generated from renewable sources: one REGO is issued for every megawatt-hour of renewable power that’s fed into the national grid.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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