‘We want to become a successful sustainable football club’

Leyton Orient Football Club’s Danny Macklin and Josh Stephens spoke to future Net Zero about what the club is doing to become more sustainable and what the game can do as a whole

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Leyton Orient Football Club has announced its partnership with Consultiv Utilities and its ultimate aim of becoming a sustainable football club.

Chief Executive Danny Macklin and Head of Commercial Josh Stephens spoke to future Net Zero about the East London club’s plans for a sustainable future and what it is currently doing to lower energy usage.

Its partnership with Consultiv Utilities has highlighted areas where the club needs to reduce its energy usage, with forecasted savings of £60,000 per annum and a reduction of carbon emissions by 28 tonnes.

The club currently competes in England’s fourth tier, EFL League Two, and hopes to follow the work of other small clubs including Forest Green Rovers in becoming more sustainable.

Danny Macklin said: “We want to become a successful sustainable football club. There’s a number of things we’ve got to do and I’m hoping the game as a whole puts guidelines in place to further encourage clubs to focus on what can be done.”

Josh Stephens added: “We can re-educate not only staff but our fanbase on how we can all play our part. That’s the key message we want to emphasise through our work with Consultiv.”

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