Ibstock commits to buying 100% clean power to build net zero future

The brick producer has a strategy to cut emissions by 15% in five years

Big Zero Report 2023

Brick and concrete producer Ibstock has committed itself to only buying renewable electricity.

It said the decision is to help it commit to net zero manufacturing and claims it is now the only building products supplier in the UK to do so.

Ibstock has set a sustainability target of a 15% reduction in CO2 per tonne of production by 2025. 

The power will be supplied by Total Gas & Power’s Pure Green energy tariff, under the GHG Protocol Corporate Standards.

This means the electricity is procured solely from solar, wind or hydro sources and meets the requirements of a Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificate.  

CEO Joe Hudson said: “We are a market leader in an energy-intensive sector and we believe it is vital that we demonstrate that leadership in terms of reducing carbon emissions and supporting the market for renewable energy. 

“As the first UK building products manufacturer to make a move to 100% renewable electricity, we believe we have set an example to others in our sector; we hope our peers are quick to follow suit.”

Ibstock has also built a solar park in its Leicestershire head office and installed EV charging points at many of its sites.


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