Wakefield Council to install 43,000 LED streetlights to shrink its carbon footprint

The project is predicted to reduce the council’s carbon emissions by a minimum of 3,700 tonnes

Wakefield Council has unveiled plans to upgrade all existing 43,000 residential streetlights to LEDs.

The local authority has partnered with the services supplier Amey to deliver the project, which is forecast to reduce street lighting energy consumption by 65% and decrease the council’s carbon emissions by a minimum of 3,700 tonnes.

The lights will be controlled by a system that will allow monitoring for possible faults in the lanterns.

Councillor Matthew Morley, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning and Highways, said: “We have made an important pledge to become a carbon-neutral organisation by 2030 and this project is a big part of our plans to do so.

“LED streetlights not only reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions but they also reduce operational costs, light pollution and automatically identify the majority of faults so that they are dealt with quickly and more efficiently and provide better quality lighting overall.”


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