Heineken launches partnership for ‘carbon-neutral’ shipping of 45,000 containers of beer

The ‘zero-emission’ solution will see beers transported from the brewery along rivers and canals to the port of Rotterdam

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Heineken has partnered with Zero Emission Services (ZES) to use a ‘carbon-neutral’ shipping method for 45,000 containers of beer every year.

ZES was founded by ING, energy and technical service provider ENGIE, maritime technology company Wärtsilä and the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

The solution will see the beer transported in a carbon-neutral way from the firm’s brewery in Zoeterwoude, in the Western Netherlands, along rivers and canals to the port of Rotterdam.

The vessels will be powered by a rechargeable energy container provided by ZES – these containers will be loaded with renewable energy.

Once the energy is depleted, the vessel’s team could switch the empty container for a full one at one of the charging stations, which will also be used to stabilise the grid or to temporarily provide electricity to the facilities.

Heineken, which exports around 70,000 containers of beer every year, will partner with ZES for ten years.

Jan Kempers, Sustainable Development Programme Manager at Heineken Netherland Supply, said: “We were not looking for a standalone solution.

“Our goal is to make an impact by building the foundations of zero-emissions logistics for all the ships in the Netherlands.”