Nordic drinks brand firm uses oat hulls as biofuel to curb carbon footprint

Altia has already used the oatmill by-product as a biofuel for one of its plants and decreased emissions by 1,000 tonnes in three months

Nordic alcoholic beverage brand company Altia has used oat hulls as biofuel to reduce carbon emissions produced by one of its factories.

The firm installed a new fuel silo in April and cut fossil fuel emissions from the facility by 1,000 tonnes in three months.

That corresponds to the average annual carbon dioxide emissions of around 90 Finns.

With the new fuel silo, the leftover oat hulls from the feed produced in the plant area can be continuously utilised as fuel.

Under the new investment, the company expects to achieve a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions that ranges from 15 to 20% compared to emissions from 2018.

Koskenkorva Plant Manager Miika Jokinen said: I’m very proud of the new investment, which is another great step towards a circular economy at the Koskenkorva plant.

“We believe that the investment will pay for itself already this year, which is excellent proof of the fact that investing in sustainable solutions pays off.”


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