Friday 4 September 2020

Battersea neighbourhood achieves ‘highest concentration of EV chargers in UK’

Battersea neighbourhood achieves ‘highest concentration of EV chargers in UK’

A project to fit electric vehicle (EV) charging sockets to every suitable lampost in a Battersea neighbourhood has helped the area to boast 'the highest concentration of charging points anywhere in the country'.

Nearly 21 residential streets in Battersea’s Shaftesbury area offer a total of 126 charging sockets, all installed in existing lamposts to provide a convenient and cost-effective way to boost greener transportation.

Wandsworth Council says the concentration of so many EV chargers in an area of less than a third of a square mile is believed to be the highest in the country.

This latest investment is helping the council meet its target of delivering nearly 900 on-street charging points in total.

This phase will bring the total of publicly-available EV charging points to around 560, with a further 140 planned before the end of this year and more installations to follow in 2021.

Transport Spokesman John Locker said: "By fitting sockets to as many lamposts as we can in these two neighbourhoods we are helping to make electric vehicle ownership a realistic prospect for our residents.

"Providing this level of infrastructure is the kind of game-changer that makes it a viable option."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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