Bosch in the Netherlands rolls out green investments to speed up carbon-neutrality by the end of 2020

Funds will support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects

Bosch in the Netherlands has pledged to reach carbon-neutrality by the end of the year with green investments.

To achieve this goal, Bosch plans to invest in energy efficiency, increasing the share of renewable energy in its energy supply, purchasing more green energy and compensating for the remaining carbon emissions.

Last year, Bosch Transmission Technology BV in Tilburg invested in making the production process energy-efficient.

Nearly 750 solar panels were installed on the roof of the company while the firm used a sustainable belt washing machine making the whole production ecologically neutral.

Other Bosch sites have technical upgrades such as innovative solutions for ventilation, heating, cooling and lighting in Bosch Rexroth BV in Boxtel.

The Tilburg and Boxtel sites have managed to deliver energy savings of 4.1GWh every year.

Patrick Incoletti, Director of Bosch Benelux, said: “In the Benelux, Bosch focuses primarily on renewable energy and making buildings and production lines energy-efficient.”

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