Gaia says no! Episode 1 – We’re all bas***ds!

We will explore the effect of humans on the planet and if we can make things better, while keeping the economic wins we have all become accustomed to

Net Hero Podcast

What are you going to do to save the planet? Should we even try? Can we make a difference? Does the planet actually need to get rid of us?

These are the questions we are going to pose in a new podcast series entitled “Gaia says No!” – a light-hearted yet informed series, exploring our effect on the planet in terms of energy, over consumption and downright negligence.

Joining me in a discussion around the human effect on the Earth are former banker turned environmentalist Angus Forbes, founder of the Global Planet Authority and EY Partner and oil and gas expert, Alex Milward. I got to meet these two as we were setting up future Net Zero and they share my ideal, that businesses and we as a society, can make a difference even if we are ourselves guilty of harming the ecosystem.

Gaia is the Greek goddess Mother Earth and is also the name of a theory which talks about planetary balance as the plants and animals interact with their surroundings. The biggest animal to have such an impact is clearly humans, so are we now in charge of the planet’s ecological destiny?

Can we really use the momentum after the net zero target announcement to make things better? Is coronavirus a consequence of our behaviour? And should we stop asking the rest of the world to cut emissions while we still enjoy the opulence of watching netflix on our mobile devices, buying cheap clothes and eating out (once we can again!).

In this episode we ask, who are we to try and change things?

Honest opinion and some strong language.

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