ENGIE launch guide to Workspace 2

ENGIE has produced a free downloadable guide to help business leaders meet the challenges of re-opening their workspaces

Net Hero Podcast

“COVID-19 has presented an unprecedented challenge to all professionals involved in managing and maintaining buildings and it is now very clear that the post-COVID-19 workplace will be very different from the workplaces with which we are more familiar,” observes Craig Butt, Managing Director – Corporate at ENGIE.

“Transitioning from the current situation to a work environment that maintains productivity whilst safeguarding staff and visitors therefore requires considerable planning to mitigate risks. Organisations will also need to consider how they finance such changes, having already incurred considerable costs,” he adds.

To help business leaders and building/facilities managers to meet these challenges, ENGIE has published a freely downloadable document that provides practical guidance on the variety of workspace design options available. The 29-page publication also considers how making financial savings elsewhere in the business – such as reducing energy costs – can fund these changes.

“Our new publication offers suggestions for a number of options, with detailed guidance on the layout and operation of the different zones within those workplaces,” Craig continues. “We have also looked at how other savings, such as maintenance and energy costs, can be incorporated into a post-COVID-19 business plan to minimise the financial pressures on the organisation,” he observed.

Download ENGIE’s guide to balancing cost and options for a post-COVID-19 workplace, https://www.engie.co.uk/workspace-2/