Nokia helps Finnish mobile operator slash 80% of its CO2 emissions

The 5G liquid cooling technology allows operators to use the wasted energy from 5G mobile network devices to heat their buildings or water

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New technology which uses wasted energy from wireless networks to heat a building or hot water has been launched in Finland.

Developed by Nokia, the new service has helped Finnish mobile operator, Elisa reduce the energy expenses of its 5G unit by 30% – the unit in question connects wireless devices to a central hub and enables connections to the network.

With its 5G AirScale Base Station technology, the mobile manufacturer has also slashed the operator’s carbon dioxide emissions by 80%.

This is claimed to be the first time a commercial 5G liquid cooling solution has been deployed anywhere in the world.

Sami Komulainen, Executive Vice President of Production at Elisa, commented: “Elisa has set a clear target to be carbon-neutral at the end of 2020. Innovations such as Nokia’s liquid cooling 5G base station demonstrate how 5G can help drive sustainability.

Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia, said: Now we have demonstrated the world’s first liquid-cooled AirScale 5G base station in commercial operations, making liquid cooling a reality for all network generations.”

Nokia has committed to decreasing emissions from its operations by 41% by 2030.