Philadelphia says ‘cheese’ with new recycled plastic packaging

Advanced recycling technology will be used to recover plastic that would have otherwise gone to landfill or incineration

Net Hero Podcast

Philadelphia cream cheese is set to switch to recycled plastic packaging in 2022.

The new package will contain plastic material recovered using advanced recycling technology, which will recover plastic that would have otherwise been gone to landfill or incineration.

The change is expected to encourage customers consuming snacks with less energy, water and waste.

Vince Gruber, Executive Vice President and President, Europe for Mondelēz International, said: “It is vital to find and implement innovative, viable solutions to help stop plastic from getting into the environment, where it doesn’t belong.

“Philadelphia’s anticipated use of recycled material is an important step in limiting this waste while supporting a closed-loop system.”

The project comes as part of the food company’s plan to use 5% recycled content across all plastic packaging and support its journey towards net zero waste.