Monday 1 June 2020

Webinar: Energy Procurement Strategies for Lockdown – and Beyond

Webinar: Energy Procurement Strategies for Lockdown – and Beyond

From individual businesses to entire industries, the COVID-19 epidemic has forced us to reset, and re-evaluate how we operate. While the “new normal” is filled with unprecedented challenges and ambiguity, this period of forced reflection may also expose opportunity.

Energy demand patterns have been turned on their head. Previously busy facilities are now standing idle, while others are struggling to keep up with the spike in demand. Energy procurement managers must try to predict future demand during the most unpredictable of times while at the same time optimising the efficiency of new energy consumption requirements during the crisis.

As we come out of lockdown, companies will be under pressure to control their costs as they rebuild, with energy spend in particular coming under the spotlight. The risk to business, and society as a whole, is not just financial. The achievement of long-term sustainability and decarbonisation goals are in the balance. Increasing efficiency, asset optimisation and monetisation, smart energy insights management and the deployment of EV infrastructure will all play a role in delivering a sustainable recovery and, potentially, a better future for us all.

Join this webinar to hear Richard Eaton, Energy Manager at NatWest Group, share their ambition to make their UK and Ireland operations net carbon zero in 2020 and climate positive by 2025. Richard will be joined by Andrew Toher and Chris Butlin from Enel X, a company that is actively helping NatWest Group to achieve these goals.


  • Richard Eaton, Energy Manager, NatWest Group
  • Chris Butlin, Customer Insights, Enel X
  • Andrew Toher, Customer Insights, Enel X

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Speaker bios:

Richard Eaton, Energy Manager, NatWest Group
Richard Eaton is an energy specialist and Energy Manager for the NatWest Group (‘the bank’) globally. He is primarily responsible for: tracking and forecasting the bank’s energy reduction performance against target; identifying and progressing energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives under the bank’s RE100 and EP100 Climate Group commitments; supporting the bank’s energy procurement decisions; and the bank’s reporting under energy/CO2 regulatory compliance schemes.

Chris Butlin, Customer Insights, Enel X
Chris Butlin is Customer Insights Manager at Enel X. He has a wealth of experience in the energy and utilities industry having built his career with companies including Noveus Energy, Veolia, Mitie, Eni and ExxonMobil. An expert in energy supply, energy services, renewals and procurement consultancy, Chris is also an active member of CIBSE Energy Performance Group committee. Connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

Andrew Toher, Customer Insights, Enel X
Andrew Toher is Head of Customer Insights at Enel X. He is an energy professional with over fifteen years’ experience in energy management and advisory. He joined Enel X in 2016 and now leads Enel X Customer Insights team in Rest of Europe helping global organisations navigate the energy transition. This includes implementing solutions to manage and organise energy data, defining energy strategy and putting in place best in class energy purchasing and management programmes. Andrew’s background is in engineering and has been involved in renewable energy from design through to procurement. More recently this has included working on the largest single corporate renewable energy purchasing programme. He is excited by the changes happening in the energy industry and the opportunity this creates to deliver new solutions and business models to customers. Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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