Shipping giant CMB pledges to offset all carbon emissions

The firm claims the move will allow it to reach ‘net zero carbon dioxide emissions’ in 2020

Net Hero Podcast

Shipping giant Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB) has pledged to offset all its carbon dioxide emissions as part of a plan to reach ‘net zero’ in 2020.

The firm also announced it plans to reach ‘zero carbon emissions’ altogether from its shipping operations by 2050, through the use of new, clean vessel technologies.

It says it has already supported certified climate projects in developing countries and acquired high-quality Voluntary Carbon Units (VCU’s) in Zambia, Guatemala and India – these credits support renewable energy generation and sustainable agriculture and forestry practices.

The firm notes it is confident the shipping industry will find a way to completely avoid generating emissions by 2050 and emphasises it is already investing in the development of low and zero carbon ships and engines.

It said: “As CMB will bring specific zero carbon projects to life in the coming months and years, they will continue to actively engage and cooperate with other shipping companies, their customers, their suppliers, their banks and national and international politicians to achieve zero carbon shipping.”