Monday 13 January 2020

Plans unveiled for climate change innovation centre in London

Plans unveiled for climate change innovation centre in London

Plans to establish a new “world leading” centre for climate change innovation in London have been announced.

Based at Imperial College London’s White City Campus, the Centre for Climate Change Innovation (CCCI) will help drive the development of new technologies, businesses and jobs that supports a zero carbon and climate resilient future.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is backing the project with a grant of up to £8.7 million and the College intends to raise a further £25 million of funding.

It will support innovation across several key themes, including air quality, agriculture technology and sustainable packaging, smart and low carbon building materials, low emission transport, circular systems and manufacturing for a low carbon future.

The CCCI will generate its own power and heat and export energy for use on other parts of the campus.

Mr Khan said: “We are in the midst of a climate emergency. I am doing everything in my power from City Hall to cut emissions: introducing the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone, setting a zero-carbon standard for all new buildings and supporting the divestment of pension funds from fossil fuels.

“It is vital that we use new technology and innovation to tackle what is the greatest challenge of our time. London is a global hub for climate action and I’m proud to support this initiative with Imperial College London that will nurture talent and drive growth in the cleantech sector.”

The Centre will also host a new Master’s degree in Climate Change, Innovation and Entrepreneurship – the “world’s first” MSc to focus specifically on innovation and entrepreneurship that address the causes and effects of climate change through technological solutions.

Professor Richard Templer, Director of Innovation at the College’s Grantham Institute, said: “London’s climate and environment sector is already worth £40 billion in sales per annum and grew by 10% last year – but the city is brimming with people who have different experiences and new ideas to turn the tide on climate change and we urgently need to help them establish and grow so they can have a global impact.

“This Centre will give people the opportunity to start up a sustainable business or grow an existing one so that they can contribute to a cleaner, greener and fairer world for all.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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