Tuesday 12 November 2019

Formula 1 drops the flag for race towards net zero by 2030

Formula 1 drops the flag for race towards net zero by 2030

Formula 1 has announced a new sustainability plan to go net zero by 2030.

The move will cover the Formula 1 cars, on-track activity and the wider operations of the motorsport, with carbon reduction projects due to begin immediately.

The Formula 1 body claims the current hybrid power unit used in its racing cars delivers more power using less fuel than any other car in existence - it notes that if this can be combined with advanced sustainable fuels and energy recovery systems, there is an opportunity to create a net-zero carbon hybrid power unit.

It adds the creation of such a carbon-neutral internal combustion engine would be likely to lead to improvements in consumer vehicles and have wider effects on reducing emissions as a result.

Formula 1 has also committed to shift to ultra-efficient logistics, adopt methods of clean travel and power its offices, facilities and factories with 100% renewable energy.

It has promised that by 2025, it will ensure all of its events are entirely sustainable, with single-use plastics being eliminated and all waste reused, recycled or composted.

Chase Carey, Chairman and CEO of Formula 1, said: "We believe Formula 1 can continue to be a leader for the auto industry and work with the energy and automotive sector to deliver the world’s first net zero carbon hybrid internal combustion engine that hugely reduces carbon emissions around the world."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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