Wednesday 29 November 2017

Welsh Government calls for onshore wind and solar support

Welsh Government calls for onshore wind and solar support

The Welsh Government is urging the UK Government to enable onshore wind and solar technologies to compete in the renewable energy auctions.

The Contracts for Difference (CfDs) scheme currently provides subsidies for technologies including offshore wind, marine energy and biomass.

It excludes support for onshore wind and solar, which the Welsh Government believes could potentially provide the biggest opportunity for the nation’s renewable sector.

It has therefore joined a number of Welsh energy and environmental organisations, including Natural Resources Wales, RenewableUK and National Trust Wales, to call for continuing support for these renewable sources.

Welsh Energy Secretary Lesley Griffiths said the UK has invested more than £9 billion in developing the renewables sector and costs have successfully been driven down.

She added: “However, the rapid changes in the UK Government policy have decimated large parts of the renewable sector, with potentially valuable developments to Wales stopped in their tracks by UK Ministers. In 2015 alone, four new wind developments in mid-Wales with an installed capacity of over 300MW were refused by UK Government.

“We believe that lowest cost technologies, such as onshore wind and solar, present the best opportunities to manage the costs of generation to energy bills. They also offer Welsh businesses and our rural economy the opportunity to be more resilient and self sufficient in a future outside of the EU.”

BEIS said its Clean Growth Strategy will ensure the UK remains a global leader in the move towards a low carbon economy.

A spokesperson added: “Our successful, competitive approach to providing support for renewables has led to a significant fall in the cost of clean electricity by as much as 50% with five Welsh clean electricity projects already receiving support.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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