Monday 4 September 2017

Zero Waste Week calls for less to landfill!

Zero Waste Week calls for less to landfill!

This year's Zero Waste Week has arrived!

Running for the first week of September every year, Zero Waste Week is the annual awareness campaign for reducing the global volume of waste sent to landfill.

In the UK, each person throws away five times their own body weight in waste per year - much of this decomposes and contributes to methane emissions.

The initiative runs all year but steps up its action for this week - it aims to help people all around the world save money, reduce waste, improve their wellbeing and protect the environment.

It does this by providing hints and tips about how to recycle, reuse and reduce rubbish, as well as sending out articles about waste reduction and explaining how to make a difference in local communities.

A total of around 35 million people take part, with participants stretching across 72 countries.

It offers useful features such as allowing people to type in their postcode and check they are up to date with the latest recycling facilities available - many councils now not only recycle paper, tins and glass from the kerbside but also batteries, green waste, food waste, plastic bottles and textiles.

Its other suggestions include donating to charity shops and schemes, borrowing and lending tools and appliances with neighbours and learning to repair rather than replace.

The campaign says some small actions can make a big difference, for example opting out of junk mail to reduce paper waste and becoming more inventive with leftover food.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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