Monday 4 September 2017

Sun and wind power high-tech lamp posts

Sun and wind power high-tech lamp posts

An Irish cleantech firm is installing wind and solar-powered lighting in New York and Chicago.

Airsynergy has installed the 'Intelligent Smart Poles (ISPs)' in Breezy Point Municipality, Washington Irving Intermediate School and Dobbs Ferry High School in New York, as well as at the Chicago Institute of Technology.

The ISP uses a combination of wind and solar power to provide itself with off-grid electricity, allowing it to save not just power but also installation costs, with no need for trenching or laying down cables for the lights.

The smart pole records data about its performance as well as air pollutants to help communities in their mission to become more sustainable.

It features an built-in battery large enough to store five days’ worth of electricity for continuous lighting use.

The schools in New York have plans to develop a microgrid system of the ISPs to protect against power outages in the case of severe storms.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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