Sunday 25 December 2016

Editorial – Happy Xmas to all our readers

Editorial – Happy Xmas to all our readers

Yes it is that time of year again, you are tucking into whatever feast you desire.

Turkey, Goose, Chicken, Lamb, Salmon, Nut roast. At home or in a restaurant. You'll be opening presents and I guarantee you'll be plugging something in, whether you are aged 2 or 92.

This year I'm having Xmas a day earlier as I am in Italy and they celebrate on the 24th. (Oh we are having fish).It's a tad warmer but all the same things apply.

Lots of lights, shops open, music blaring (tho thankfully no Slade here) and kids running to queue up to visit a fat bloke in red pants called Babbo Natale round these parts.

As ever there are all of us enjoying time with friends and family and using our energy system to keep us warm, cook our food, chill our sparkling, transport us about and entertain us.

I for one would like to thank all those sitting right now in the control rooms of power stations and grid networks, in vans and digging up roads or on cherry pickers welding cables, who are letting us have all the fun. We were reminded just a day or so ago how important these people are when Storm Barbara lashed Scotland and the north leaving thousands without power.

Thank these people for our cheer.

The ELN team have hit the four corners too and are all over the place this Xmas. My best wishes to them all and thanks for all their hard work this year.

And my gratitude to you our amazing readers and supporters, particularly our sponsors, thanks for making this the best year ever for ELN.

I really hope you have a great day wherever you are and whomever you are with and like me, just take a second to raise a glass to the unsung heroes keeping us happy.

Be safe and enjoy this special time.

Happy Christmas, Sumit.



Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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