Tuesday 27 December 2016

Driving style can significantly affect emissions

Driving style can significantly affect emissions

A vehicle trade association says driving style can significantly affect emissions and mileage.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which includes major brands such as Ford, BMW and Toyota, has released a series of simple of steps to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

It includes a variety of advice gathered from industry experts, including Gil Portalatin, Hybrid Propulsion System Applications Manager at Ford. He said: "Most drivers don't pay attention to the flow of traffic.

"If you're in traffic, you know you're going to stop again, so anticipate that stop by easing off the accelerator pedal early and coasting as much as you can."

The group advises that keeping a constant pace and not exceeding 60mph can improve mileage by up to 23%. Most cars are most efficient between 45 and 55mph.

Using cruise control could save nearly $200 (£161.5) and more than 60 gallons of fuel over 10,000 miles, the typical distance driven each year by a single motorist.

It also says turning off the engine while waiting at traffic lights or stopping to pick someone up can save a surprising amount of fuel, as can lightening the load your vehicle and combining trips.

Craig Howie of AOL Auto said: "Clearing all that junk out of your car, in some cases heavy junk like golf clubs, car parts or kids' toys, can result in significant savings. For every 100 pounds of weight your car carries, fuel efficiency dips by 2%."

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Bruna Pinhoni

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