Wednesday 27 January 2016

‘Brexit would be damaging for UK’s environment’

‘Brexit would be damaging for UK’s environment’

A British exit from the EU would damage the country’s environment.

That’s according to a group of environmentalists from different institutions which include the University of Cambridge and the Green Allliance.

In a letter sent to the Environment Secretary Liz Truss, they warn a “Brexit” would give uncertainty to environmental policies.

It would also jeopardise the country’s environmental influence in other countries, it stated.

The letter added: "Being part of the Union has enabled us to co-ordinate action and agree policies that have improved our quality of life, including the air we breathe, the seas we fish in and have protected the wildlife which crosses national boundaries. Higher European manufacturing standards for cars, lights and household appliances have lowered consumer energy costs and stimulated business innovation.

"We encourage you to continue to use our membership of the EU to strengthen environmental action including to continue to improve agriculture and fisheries policies and to deal with growing threats like climate change and antibiotic resistance."

ELN has contacted Defra for a comment.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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