Tuesday 3 December 2013

Wooden Christmas tree ‘cuts your carbon footprint’

Wooden Christmas tree ‘cuts your carbon footprint’

Carpenters say they have found a way to make sure you stay 'green' during the holiday season – with an environmentally friendly Christmas tree.

Makers of the wooden ‘timbatree’ which resembles a game of Jenga claim it can cut your carbon footprint because the timber they use is entirely from FSC accredited redwood.

Surrey carpenter Joost Taylor (pictured, left) says although it’s not exactly traditional, it’s better than an artificial tree: “It doesn't have the feel or look of a fake plastic tree. As a carpenter I do not like to see any tree go to waste, so at timbatree we ensure all of our suppliers are FSC accredited and we take great interest in the communities that supply the timber.”

Coming in three different sizes, the largest is 1.8 metres tall and 1.1metres wide and costs £229.

Although the price tag may be too much for some adults, Joost thinks children will be fans because “it’s much less fiddly for little hands” as baubles and presents can be easily hung or placed on the branches.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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