Thursday 26 April 2012

Cameron: “Passionate” about low cost renewables

Cameron: “Passionate” about low cost renewables

David Cameron finally put energy back on his radar during a speech at the Clean Energy Ministerial this morning.

Keeping the costs of renewable energy down was the key message from the PM as he addressed 20 Energy Ministers from around the world at Lancaster House in central London.

Mr Cameron said he "passionately believes rapid growth of renewables" is good for our future but added it is "still relatively expensive".

Speaking the morning after the UK was declared back in recession the Prime Minister made reference to the tough financial situation facing the country and its impact on green energy.

"At a time when high gas prices leave families and businesses struggling with their energy bills and we're fighting our debts, we don't just need green energy, we need cheap energy too. We need to make it financially sustainable."

In a coded reference to the solar FiTs debacle last year, where the Government tried to cut the amount of subsidy retrospectively, he said:

"When we make a commitment to a project, we'll always honour it in full and we'll do everything we can to give companies in the supply chain the clarity and certainty they need for their investment."

He also name checked shale gas and CCS as key at the international talks. The PM's appearance at the CEM was in doubt with current problems facing his government but his speech this morning was meant as a wider signal of support to the industry.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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