This June we hope life returns to normal.

And so, we want to bring a big slice of normality with our inaugural Festival Net Zero – held at the Manufacturing Technology Centre near Coventry.

We plan a real-life day out meeting people face to face, listening to great thought leadership, learning from your peers and networking.

Our day will start with a keynote speaker from government, we will then have our Big Zero debate sessions with our partners where we will discuss subjects fundamental to our net zero ambitions.

We will also have the Little Zero content zone – where we will help your organisation take its first steps to carbon reduction with the help of our FNZ Standard with Carbon Expert. Learn how you can reduce your organisations environmental impact.

You’ll also hear inspiring testimony and of course it can’t be a festival without music and we’ll have up and coming band Avenue, performing their debut album material all powered by renewable energy!

If you can’t attend in person you won’t miss out, we will make sure you can watch and participate online.

Finally, the event will follow all the latest Covid secure protocols as everyone’s health is our priority.

More information in the coming weeks but for now – Register your interest to attend – preference is given to business energy users in both the public and corporate sector.

So, come and join us for Festival Net Zero on June 22nd.

We will launch our Big Zero report at the festival and we will be inviting a senior minister to make an opening address, we hope in person to kick start our day.

That will be followed by our Big Zero sessions, which will be held with our partners exploring the biggest issues we feel are important in this very big year for net zero.

  • Policy – what do we want to see from government and internationally as we head towards COP26 this autumn. Are the current policy drivers right and more importantly are we on track in terms of time?
  • Heat – the biggest net zero challenge of them all. From our homes to our offices and factories, heat has been by far the most overlooked area of UK decarbonisation. Yet it’s our biggest most obvious weakness, stick a thermal camera on any home or business and see how much energy we waste.
  • Movement – transport of people, goods and services will be the biggest new frontier for growth in net zero. From mass electrification, hydrogen and battery storage, we are at the cusp of a modal shift not seen since the early 20th century when with ditched horses for cars.
  • Getting smarter – IOT, smart meters, grids, fridges you name it. An intelligent way to balance power and operations across our energy system is on the way. Where does opportunity lie for your business or organisation?

In our Little Zero content zone you can learn about the issues and products and services that you can use right now to start on your net zero pathway.

You’ll hear content and case studies from Brook Green Supply, Experienced Energy Solutions, Fuels for Ireland and many more. You can also watch and listen to our Solution Partners who will explain how our future Net Zero Standard with CBN Expert can get you measuring and benchmarking your carbon for as little as £2 a day.

Join us for workshops lead by James Napier from CBN Expert to explain and demonstrate the software and sign up for our pledge to get 10,000 businesses started on their net zero pathway within three years.

See how you can be aligned as part of the official UNFCCC Race to Zero.

The Little Zero sponsors

Net Zero Talk

To end we will have an inspiring tale. Alan Rance the CEO of Midas Pattern transformed his life and his business into a net zero one in the space of just 14 months. Listen to his tale of how he did it and what you can learn from his example.


And of course, as we hopefully celebrate the end of the festival in summer sunshine, we will have up and coming band AVENUE performing live during the networking drinks. They’re set to be the next big thing and will be powered by renewable energy for their set!