We provide funding to help businesses unlock the potential of decentralised, sustainable energy.

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AMP Clean Energy helps businesses and organisations benefit from low carbon, sustainable energy as the UK transitions to a net zero future. We unlock the barriers to low carbon heat and power by funding onsite energy generation, such as solar PV and biomass heat. We’re also helping to balance the grid as the UK becomes more reliant on intermittent renewables through the development of our flexible electricity Urban Reserve plants.

Energy Policy Insights from AMP Clean Energy

How can your business get ahead of the policy agenda and reap the rewards of the Net Zero transition?

“Finance can be a major barrier for businesses and organisations in meeting their sustainability agenda. That’s where AMP Clean Energy comes in by providing the funding to deliver low carbon energy projects which support the UK’s transition to a net zero future.”

Richard Burrell
Chief Executive Officer

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Clean energy funding 

AMP Clean Energy understands that to help the UK achieve a net zero future businesses require financial support to meet their sustainability goals. Our clean energy experts guide large and medium sized organisations through the funding and development process to bring their low carbon energy projects to life. Read more here.


AMP Clean Energy is committed to ensuring the products and services it provides, as well as its own operations, are as sustainable as possible. Our low carbon and renewable heat and power solutions meet the highest sustainability standards. 

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