Understanding the options for transitioning your business fleet

Switching your fleet from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to more environmentally friendly ones is a big decision

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It’s also one that’s likely to represent a big investment. So, it’s not surprising that every organisation wants to get it right first time.

What’s better for business: pure EV or hybrid fleets?

There’s a fair amount of choice – and a lot of abbreviated names – around, though. So, it’s important to understand the options, their respective environmental credentials and their likely cost impact for your organisation.

Here, we compare the different technologies that could help electrify your fleet.

Battery electric vehicles

These are vehicles that run solely on electricity. They’ve got large batteries which drivers need to plug in to charge before driving. They haven’t got any other fuel inputs, so while their full abbreviation is BEV, the ‘B’ is optional.

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