Tuesday 20 June 2023

Biggest Big Zero, has one ambition

Biggest Big Zero, has one ambition

Today, the biggest Big Zero Show finally opens and as I walk around the exhibition pavilions and see the content ready to inspire, educate and commit you, into taking net zero steps, I'm immensely proud.

Proud of the team of young people who have brought this together, we are a SME and here we are, putting together a huge show. Proud of the companies who have partnered with and supported us, with innovative content, with passion and enabled us to ensure the event is free to all.

And proud of you, the 3600+ who are due to come from all over the UK and abroad, from the world of business, charities, local authorities and academia. You have also committed your time to show why this matters.

We have an amazing day ahead, I am really grateful for the support from Coventry City Council who have promoted the show, encouraged local businesses to attend and show leadership in this space. Our headline speaker is the Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street and I'm anticipating a great Q&A session with him.

He is a former boss of John Lewis and knows all about retail and supply chains and the influence on consumers. He has a vision for net zero as opportunity, freedom and the betterment of our lifestyles and supports the Midlands passionately.

We have huge names from industry speaking, dozens of content sessions, case studies, experts and opinion makers here today. There is still time to register and attend if you live near Coventry.

Finally, I want to say we are not trying just to put on a show. We are trying to show leadership. I've asked for exhibitors to ditch the give away pens, USB sticks, books and leaflets (even if they are on recycled paper). There are no badges in plastic wallets and synthetic lanyards. We will serve water in glasses or bamboo cups.

It's not much but it's a start. Use less. Think what matters. And today the best currency is talking, sharing ideas and taking action.

We succeed if the delegates who attend today, go back to work with one idea to do something better. I hope we can inspire that.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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