Toyota CEO wants to go all-in on hydrogen

That’s despite many other carmakers already making the pledge to EVs

Big Zero Report 2023

Although many carmakers are heavily committed to electric vehicles (EVs), Toyota has not yet given up on hydrogen cars.

That’s according to the company’s incoming CEO Koji Sato, who will take the reins at the Japanese car giant in April.

“We want to ensure that hydrogen stays a viable option. We need a production and transport supply chain. Unless we see evolution there, we cannot expect a volume increase in the energy’s use,” he said.

It has joined forces with Iwatani Corporation and Kawasaki Heavy Industries to grow hydrogen technologies that could be used widely across its range of vehicles.

Toyota is busy working on petrol engines that could be converted to run on hydrogen.

However, it is not solely committing to a green gas future, with an aim set for 3.5 million EV sales by 2030.

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